The Reluctant Dragon Show

On Tuesday we were entertained by the NZ Playhouse group as they shared the story of The Reluctant Dragon with us.
The classic story was given a modern take and told through musical theatre by the actors.
The rare Southern Shiny Blue Scuttleclaw Dragon is discovered by Sam’s mum. Her father, aka youtuber Mad Rad Dad films it. As chaos in the town's mayor’s office begins, the Mayor calls the city chiefs, police chief, fire department chief, chief of air force, chief of the army and finally the chief of everything! The chief of everything knows someone who could get rid of the dragon, another youtuber, the famous Sir Mr Beast-Slayer! All the dragon wants to do is write poetry. Sam comes back to warn him that Sir Mr Beast-Slayer is on his way to defeat it. Soon enough Sir Mr Beast-Slayer appears on horseback. The Dragon and Sir Mr Beast-Slayer both realise they don’t really know how or want to fight. Sir Mr Beast-Slayer explains how all the fights on his youtube channel are made up and use CGI. After a staged fight Sir Mr Beast-Slayer proclaims that the dragon has been reformed, assuring everyone it's not dangerous, and the dragon says to thank the community for welcoming him, it will make itself useful. Whenever there is no wind to blow their wind turbines the dragon will puff and blow them itself.

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