Rūma Mangō - Room 2


Pals 2023


The pupils in Rūma Mangō were split into small groups to plan and organise an activity that could be adapted to play by the variety of age groups that moved through the rotations. It was important that they considered how to explain, demonstrate, and run their activity so all pupils could participate and have fun. The groups did quite well for their first foray into ‘teaching’ and it was interesting for staff to stand back and watch how the senior pupils are developing skills in this important area of leadership.
I talked to the pupils afterwards and they were mostly happy with how their stations went although there were a few ‘gems’ that I thought I would share with you.
“It was fun, but they didn’t listen to what I was saying”.
“I think we should have played it more simply with the little kids”.
“Next time I think we should try an easier game ‘cause it was hard to explain”.
“We should have played in a smaller space”.
“It was hard trying to play the game in the wind’.
I had to chuckle at the first statement and provide a suitable retort!
One important thing that the pupils gained from running the first PALS session was that leading an activity requires a fair bit of thought and teaching is not as easy as it may seem. They will carry these thoughts and reflections into the organisation of our next games afternoon.

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