Our Term 2 Holiday Writings

On ANZAC Day me and my mum, my nanny and my great auntie, my dad and my sister went to a place in Port Chalmers.

Some people did speeches.

I think it was called a ceremony.

On the first Sunday of the holidays me and my sister, dad and my mum went to my great auntie’s house for dinner.

My great auntie has a long table. We had dinner and dessert. My favourite is dessert because my nanny always brings cheese cake. I like the strawberry flavour.

In the holidays I lost my wobbly tooth. I got $5 from the tooth fairy.

In the holidays me, Emma and mum went to Moana Pool. We went in the pool for 5 minutes and then we went to the hydro slide.

By Jess

I saw my nana and my cousin Maciey.

We went to get matching tops in town.

We went on the bus to town.

By Mahalia

I went fishing with my dad.

We caught 7 blue cod and 1 trumpeter.

They had to be as long as this box

so we can eat them.

My dad put my bait on my hook for me.

By Jaih

In the school holidays I went to Quarantine Island.

I fell of the wharf and fall into the water.

I couldn’t touch the bottom. I had to swim to the ladder.

I was bleeding on my arm and legs.

At Quarantine Island I got to sleep on bunks and I got the top bunk!

Our friends came too. They were Lulu, Walt and Jenny. Jenny is the mum.

By Clementine

I went to Larnach Castle.

I went on a native plant hunt with my mum and my little brother.

You had to find 17 plants.

We went to a café, and I had a big piece of cake.

It was all chocolate.

I went to Sandfly Bay.

I went down a big sand dune and I saw 4 sea lions. 

Then I walked forward a little bit and I saw 20 sea lions!

By Jack

In the holidays I played Fortnite.

I won a Fortnite match. I had to kill the last person.

I won the match and then I played a game, but I lost that time.

I played by myself on my Nintendo.

By Caius

I went to Moana Pool.

I went on the hydro slide.

I went on the wave pool.

On the wave pool, it was wavy.

On the hydro slide, it was fast.

I chased Frank in the pool. Frank went into the wave pool.

The waves made me go up and down.

Me and Frank went to the playground.

At the playground we went on the slide.

We went to Mussel Bay with Frank’s mum.

By Ragnar

I went to a café. I loved it.

My mum got a coffee. We brought a chocolate cake.

I loved it. We also brought a pie.

I got an ice cream with my mum and Seb.

I brought boysenberry. My mum thought I choose the right flavour.

Seb got one too. I also thought Seb choose the right flavour.

I went to Nanny and Poppa’s.

I helped Poppa cut the sheep’s wool and to get them in the pen.

Poppa let them go out.

We went fishing near Mosgiel.

Poppa’s front bit of his fishing rod fell into the water.

Next Poppa used my fishing rod.

We didn’t catch any fish.

By Taze

I went on the luge in Queenstown.

There were 2 tracks, a long track and a short track.

I went on the gondola to go to the luge.

I was faster than every person in my class when it was at full speed.

I went on the short track once.

I went on the fast one 5 times.

By Remy

In the holidays I went to Kaikoura to see my NANA!

When I was there I saw Hector’s dolphins.

It was so exciting!

We saw them from the beach.

They were jumping out of the water.

We went out for dinner because it was almost my Nana’s birthday. 

She’s going to be 83.

By Martha

I went to Mel’s house.

I had a sleep over. 

I had a milo at Mel’s house.

By Macie




Sea Week Dress-ups


Our Haiku Poems


they live in the sea

they use their flippers to swim

their shell protects them

By Macie


they eat little fish

 swing their tails left and right

hiding in seaweed

By Taze


they eat fish and crabs

squirt ink, escape predators!

their tentacles swish

By Jess

Sea Anemone

found in the rock pools

wave their tentacles around

trying to get food

By Jaih



has a horn so sharp

live down deep in the ocean

leaping in the air

By Martha

Clown Fish

swimming side to side

they live deep in the water

eat fish and seaweed

By Caius

Sea Stars

they have lots of arms

move slowly over the rocks

looking for some food

By Mahalia


they eat tiny fish

camouflage in the seaweed

keep away from crabs


scuttle on the sand

looking for food for dinner

hide under the rocks

By Ragnar


they eat small plankton

sting prey with their tentacles

floating in the sea

By Jack

Tiger Shark

they eat fish and squid

they are apex predators

lurking in the sea

By Remy

Hector’s Dolphin

they swim in the sea

swimming silently around 

catching fish for tea

By Clementine


Our Butterfly Stories

We had a monarch butterfly.

It started as a caterpillar.

The caterpillar ate most of the leaves on the swan plant.

Then it made itself into a chrysalis.

Then it transformed into a butterfly!!

It dried out its wings. Then it flew away.

I think its going to the Botanic Gardens.

It might have got into the Botanic shop.

It might sneakily be trying to get an ice block!

By Remy

We got a swan plant from Rūma Pipi with an egg on it.

Then the egg hatched and out came a baby caterpillar.

It ate and ate the leaves of the swan plant.

It gets bigger.

Then it went into a chrysalis for two weeks.

Then it turned into a butterfly.

I wonder where it went.

By Martha

Our butterfly started as an egg and then it changed into a caterpillar.

It ate and ate and ate leaves off our swan plant.

Then it formed a chrysalis. The chrysalis was green.

Then it hatched out into a butterfly. The butterfly was black and orange.

It was a monarch butterfly.

It dried its wings and then it flew away.

I don’t know where it went.   

By Jack

We got a swan plant.

On the swan plant was a caterpillar.

The caterpillar ate and ate and ate.

It turned into a chrysalis.

In the chrysalis, the caterpillar ate itself.

Out of the chrysalis hatched a butterfly.

The butterfly laid eggs.

By Ragnar

We got a swan plant from Room 5.

There was a tiny caterpillar on it.

It got bigger when it ate lots and lots.

It made a chrysalis.

Then after 3 weeks it turned into a butterfly.

I wonder if it was a female or a male.

Last time it was a female because it had an extra spot.

This time I forgot to see!

It had to pump its wings. Then it flew away.

It should lay some eggs.

Then they will turn into a caterpillar.

By Clementine

We got a swan plant from Rūma Pipi.

It started with an egg.

It turned into a caterpillar.

Then it ate and ate the leaves.

Then it turned into a chrysalis.

Then it turned into a butterfly.

By Caius

It is butterfly day.

Last week our butterfly hatched.

I wonder if it will lay its eggs at our school.

When it hatched it flew over to the window and dried its wings.

Then when it was ready we put it outside on the flowers.

All the Junior classes got one egg on their swan plant.

Today we planted the swan plants in the edible garden.

My table did our swan plant.

Remy and Jaih planted Room 5’s.

Caius, Xanthe, Ragnar, Clementine and Mahalia did Room 8’s.

By Jess

We got a swan plant.

It had a caterpillar on the swan plant.

It ate, ate and ate all the leaves.

After it turned into a chrysalis.

The chrysalis was hanging on the swan plant.

Inside the chrysalis it turned into a butterfly.

By Mahalia

There was an egg.

It hatched into a caterpillar.

The caterpillar ate and ate all the leaves.

The caterpillar turned into a chrysalis.

A butterfly hatched.

By Macie

We got a swan plant.

On the swan plant, there was an egg.

The egg cracked into a caterpillar.

The caterpillar had to eat and eat to get bigger.

Then it went into a chrysalis.

It become a butterfly and it flew away.

My classes butterfly egg hatched.

It turned into a caterpillar.

It ate and it ate leaves.

After it ate, it turned into a chrysalis.

It stayed in there for a while.

It turned black.

Then the other day it transformed into a butterfly.

We let the butterfly go.

By Jaih

When our egg hatched, it turned into a monarch caterpillar.

The caterpillar had yellow and black stripes.

It ate and ate until it turned into a chrysalis.

Next the chrysalis hatched into a butterfly.

The butterfly stretched its wings out to dry them.

It flew around our classroom.

We opened the window and door so it could get out.

By Taze

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